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Blast Freezers

Rapid Blast Freezing Services

Blast freezers are most often used at the intermediate stage between production and storage.

Rapid freezing helps preserve shelf life and maintain nutrition, texture, flavour and overall quality by slowing the growth of bacteria.

5 Blast Freezers

Our facility offers five blast freezers to quickly lower temperatures of fresh to be frozen meat between -30˚C to -40˚C degrees celsius.

In addition to blast freezing, we also provide 24/7 internal temperature monitoring for Trichinella treatment.

  • Blast Freezers

    5,000 sq. ft. of blast freezer space

  • Pallet Capacity

    500 pallet capacity

  • Frozen Storage

    -30˚C to -40˚C

  • Temperature Monitoring

    24/7 temperature monitoring

Trichinella Treatment

Trichinella Treatment

We are the only cold storage facility in Western Canada to offer Trichinella treatment by monitoring the internal temperature for a set amount of time to ensure the destruction of Trichinella Spiralis in pork products.

This treatment is required by certain countries when exporting pork, including all countries in the EU.

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